About Us

There’s no better feeling than walking into a place and feeling right at home. It would be cliche for us to say we go above and beyond, so we won’t, even though it’s in our name. Our purpose is helping people reach their full health potential. Founded as a subluxation based wellness center, we look to correct any misalignments of the spinal vertebrae. These misalignments cause interference with the nervous system and its communication with the rest of the body, causing the pain and symptoms that brought you through our doors.

We’re all about finding the underlying cause of any health complications and conditions while simultaneously teaching how you and your family can achieve maximum health––the very foundation of what we do.


What You Can Expect

Our hands-on approach allows us to really dig into a patient’s health history to see what’s going on with their health on a personal level. When you walk through the door for your first visit, you’ll already feel at home. Our rockstar team will welcome you and provide you with some simple paperwork to complete after which you’ll get to check out our full wellness center. We like to make sure our patients know what we do and how things work, making it a comfortable experience for every person.

After the tour, there will be a health consultation scheduled with Dr. Roger Sahoury where he will meet with you one on one, talk about any concerns, and run a full postural analysis with x-rays. Using this information, Dr. Roger Sahoury will put together a complete report to share with you and your family at a separate consultation. This is a true one-hour discussion with Dr. Sahoury where he actually educates you on how your body is performing and why you’re having health complications. With the results of this test, he will also confidently launch a personalized care plan to get you back where you need to be. Whatever issue brought you to us, we got you covered.